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About Nazmee Jannat

Nazmee Jannat Biography

To the great delight and demand of her fans, Nazmee Jannat is also considering to take up acting in the near future.

About Nazmee Jannat

Nazmee Jannat has made a name for herself in the media, the TV industry, the fashion industry, the film industry as well as the educational institutions. She is well known for her work in television as a TV anchor on national channels and as the host of the leading events such as ‘Joy Bangla Concert’, sports tournaments such as ‘Sheikh Kamal Football Tournaments and hosted for many ‘Beauty Pageants’. She was commissioned as the costume designer for the hit Bangladeshi film, “Dhaka Attack” and she had also worked for established firms like Khan Brothers and E.H. Fabrics as a fashion designer and stylist.

Currently, Nazmee is also a faculty at Uttara University where she teaches Fashion Design and English. Well admired by her students, Miss Nazmee is a teacher who leads by example as is evident from her portfolio of work for the media. Miss Nazmee came to the limelight in 2017 around the time when she became active on social media mostly for her outlooks and outraging personality. People admired her for her beauty as well as talent. However, as she was occupied with her career in fashion design and teaching, she was not heavily involved with the media at the beginning.

Nevertheless, she quickly garnered a fan following on social media for her exceptional good looks and way to catch up with the latest fashion trends and unique style and ultimately gathered the courage to take a chance with the media and to also give back something for her fans. She has also made up a great name with her social activities with the helpless people around making people love her more for her good heart. She is also called as a guest in many Universities and as a Motivational Speaker as one of the youngest achievers of the nation who not only took hold of the media industry but also gave herself the honor of being a Lecturer.

Nazmee also has a Youtube Channel named Nazmee Jannat where she posts vlogs about her daily life. In a very short time, she made a name for herself in the industry. The resulting exposure led to a great many calls for advertisements and television drama, but she initially declined them as her interests lay elsewhere. Eventually, her fan following on social media led to collaborating and promoting as a social media influencer for prestigious brands such as Bata, Daraz, DBBL, Uber, Oppo, Realme, Banglashoppers, Simplicity, and many more prominent brands have shown their interest to work with her in a very short period of time. She is also working on OVCs very recently.

To the great delight and demand of her fans, she is also considering to take up acting in the near future. But that’s decision is still under process and we don’t know when we are going to see her on-screen.

Nazmee Jannat - The Young Icon of Bangladesh