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Designer Nazmee Jannat Eyes Fashion Show For Transgender People

Designer Nazmee Jannat Eyes Fashion Show For Transgender People

Nazmee Jannat, with her waist-long hair, could well be screened for the Disney cast of Rapunzel, but she prefers to stay behind the scene rather being on it. A multifaceted talent with a particular knack in designing cloths, Jannat has already gained considerable fame for designing costumes for acclaimed film Dhaka Attack. Jannat now wants to design attires for the country’s transgender people and launch a first-ever “all transgender” fashion show.

Talking with DhakaLive about her ambitious plan, she said transgender people have a distinct sense of fashion sense. “We have this tendency of keeping away from them, but I think deep down inside they (transgender) are very soft people,” she says. About the challenges of designing clothes for the transgender people, this former designer of Ecstasy—one of the renowned fashion brands in the country– said that she needs to wear both feminine and masculine glasses to come up with designer clothings for the transgender models.

Jannat, also a faculty of fashion designing in Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, says cloth designing is a time consuming task and coming up with a whole clothing-line may take some time.

“I am planning to hold the fashion show sometime this year,’ she said. Apart from this, Jannat informs DhakaLive that she has recently started her blog and YouTube channel where people can get beauty tips as well as tips for cloth designing.

Original Article Published By :DHAKA LIVE

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